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Youth Wellness Services:

Introduction to Mindfulness

A 40 minute experience where students will learn what mindfulness means, how to practice it, and what the benefits are.

Youth Yoga

Build self-esteem, balance and focus. Promotes students to stay active. ( Age appropriate classes from 2 to 18. )


Guided meditation classes for mental clarity, focus and building positive habits for the future.

Nutritional Guidance

Students and parents are both offered separate workshops on learning to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and healthy meals into their homes, in a fun easy-going way.

Mindful Art Sessions

Life lesson themed-art classes, fun empowering topics to keep educating wellness and self care as an important aspect of life.

Eastern BOCES

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Western BOCES

Western BOCES: Our programs are listed under our corporate name: Yoga for Health LI which can be found here:

Nassau BOCES

Information coming soon. Please check back

Most Popular Series:

Emerge your students into a world of personal growth & reflection with our 3 Day Wellness Series on Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga. Our main  focus is on stress management & mental health awareness. This specific program is designed for students grades 6th through High School. Our program has shown amazing results with our detailed data analysis report, as well as helping students feel less stressed, more focused, and improving their social emotional skills. Please call us today for a detailed description of this life-changing workshop.

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Let's Make A Difference

Contact us today to customize your ideal program of health and wellness for your students to thrive.

Let's Make A Difference

Our services provide the youth with an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness in their day-to-day lives. To understand how important it is to nourish their physical & mental health. Working towards building self-esteem & appreciation, we can guide your students to learn how to create healthy habits for years to come.


We strive to help prevent addiction, by offering tools for stress management and empowering information to lead a happy healthy lifestyle. We offer a well-rounded approach to teaching wellness at an early age.


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