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Recovery wellness Program

Recovery Services:

​Basic-Beginners Yoga

Yoga decreases anxiety and depression, increase serotonin levels and keeps your clients active.


Guided classes for mental clarity, focus and building a positive outlook for the future.

Nutritional Guidance

Individual sessions to create a program that works for your client’s specific needs.

Abhyanga Massage

An Ayurvedic whole body oil massage infused with different herbs for specific conditions to promote immune health, fight cravings and promote well-being.

Mindful Art Sessions

Bring out your creative side with personal growth art lessons.

Focus and Regain Mental Clarity

Contact us today to customize your ideal program of health and wellness for your staff to thrive.

Let's cultivate a culture of health...

​We started this unique program to help assist addiction recovery centers by offering wellness programs that are proven to work for long term recovery.

​The program consists of many components: physical yoga, meditation, sound therapy, nutritional guidance, abhyanga massage and hands on workshops for a brighter future.

Designed by someone who has been there...

“With 15 years of sobriety under my belt, I have designed this program to create a solid foundation for continued recovery. We teach the yoga mindfulness tools you need to manifest the life you truly want to live, while leaving the past behind. ” – Melissa D. -Founder

Available Program Options

Each wellness package offers yoga, meditation, nutritional guidance, sound therapy, massage and empowering workshops. ​


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