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Recovery Wellness Program - 21 Day Early Intervention Schedule

Our 21-day intensive is geared towards centers that are servicing those in the early stages of recovery. Although offering this program at any stage is valuable, offering positive activities in the first few weeks of recovery can greatly reduce your clients chances of relapse.

Each participant will receive:

*Group yoga class every day for 21 days straight- Introduce healthy active habits that benefit the body, mind and spirit

*One-on-One intake session with our nutritional specialist- create a healthy eating plan for each clients individual needs ( up to 10 clients )

*Four group meditations

*One group sound therapy session

* Vision board workshop at the completion of the 21 days

​Total of 27 empowering group classes ( up to 30 participants allowed per class) plus 10 one-on-one sessions with the nutritional specialist. After the 21-day intensive is over, the monthly maintenance package is available. All clients will rotate nutritional guidance and massage so that every participant receives the same care. If you would like more than 10 nutritional guidance sessions during the intensive schedule, additional fees may apply.


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