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Meet Our Team

Team Think Wellness NY

Melissa Del Giudice

Founder & 500 Hr Certified Yoga Instructor

Overcoming addiction 14+ years ago, Melissa strives to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Melissa is certified in over 500 hours of yoga training, as well as specialty areas like children’s yoga and mindfulness.

Having 10 years experience in the corporate world, two years of studying psychology, Melissa knew she needed a career that would change people’s lives. Practicing yoga for almost a decade, in 2014 she took a leap of faith and decided to embark on the journey of becoming a certified 200-HR yoga instructor. Working in various studio’s across the island, Melissa knew there had to be a better way to reach others with this gift, thus Yoga for Health Long Island was born.

Melissa is known for her gentle ways of making others feel  comfortable and eager to learn. Her goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment, while facilitating all aspects of health and wellness progression. Melissa is determined to bring mental & physical wellness to communities all across Long Island.

Linda Varady-Berman

Ayurvedic Nutritional Specialist

Linda has a multi-faceted approach to wellness. As a Ayurvedic practitioner, Linda is passionate about food being thy medicine and strives to teach others how to be an advocate of their own health.

She is currently offering Ayurvedic Food & Nutritional consultations to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of food and body relationship.

Her expertise does not end there, she is a 200-HR certified yoga instructor, Reiki master and specialty massage therapist. Linda also possess many more unique qualifications to give her a deeper understanding of what true health means.
Tying in herbal knowledge, mindfulness and appreciation for ones body, Linda helps everyone to progress further in their mental & physical wellness journeys.

Debi tracy

Yoga Instructor & senior event designer

​ Debi is an experienced yoga instructor with over 500 hours of training. She also specializes in Prenatal Yoga and Pediatric Yoga as well as many other wellness modalities.

As our Senior Event Designer Debi brings over 30 years of experience in the Events Industry with her.  She has been a guest speaker at The Ross School’s Center for Well Being in East Hampton and volunteered her planning skills as Logistical Chairperson for All for Transforming the Lives of Children Summit 2: Healing a Nation’s Trauma along with the Hamptons Yoga Fest and Blessfest. News12’s  Long Island Naturally with Mary Mucci has interviewed her and she has contributed to several articles, blogs and books. The New Space for Women’s Health–a project to create a center for birth and wellness in New York City–received her expertise in events for several years. As a Representative for World Organisation for Prenatal Education Associations – in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations she attended the International Women’s Congress at the United Nations.

Debi also trained with the late Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times best-selling author and an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential. She has also been an active graduate of Landmark Education for over 20 years, a childbirth educator and a birth and postpartum doula.

Debi’s commitment is to see true wellness become a standard option in health care instead of being regarded as an alternative. 

Geena Waddle

Art Director/ Lead Yoga Instructor

Geena Waddle practices teaching yoga with her heart to a wide variety of groups ranging from children to adults. With a background in primarily Dharma yoga she has learned to love incorporating divine play in her classes – it is not unusual to share a giggle or two! She believes we were born perfect and wants to help people strip away their ego and step into their unique authentic power. Her class will leave your mind feeling lighter with a burst of self confidence.

As an art teacher Geena encourages self exploration through visual representation. She received her degree in Anthropology & Studio Art from Stony Brook University where she TAed for multiple art classes gaining invaluable experience to help her share the process of creation with others. Her personal favorite medium is clay because it feeds the scientist in her as the process requires ample understanding of chemistry and physics, meanwhile satisfying the child in her as she gets her hands muddy.

Laurie Ahlemann

Yoga Instructor

Laurie Ahlemann is an E-RYT500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance and has been teaching group and private yoga and meditation classes since 2004. She is the founder of the Long Island Yoga School and is an adjunct professor at Hofstra University teaching credit courses for postural alignment, injury prevention, yoga philosophy and meditation techniques for stress reduction. Laurie is also certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga and utilizes these principles in all classes that she teaches. In addition, she took an on-line course in the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) which utilizes the practice of yoga to help overcome addiction. She is certified in Yin Yoga and is a Reiki Master. Laurie teaches a class that is energetically balanced and consists of anatomical and breath-oriented focus that lends itself well to teaching to various age brackets as well as modifying for injuries and level of ability. Her focus is always on properly aligning the body to create easefulness and strength in the physical postures while creating a safe space for students, including trauma sensitive individuals, by proper phrasing of instruction and allowing for personal space so each student can move deeper into their own awareness of movement and mindfulness. Laurie adapts her teaching methods based upon the learning style, level of ability and range of motion of each student she works with both in group and private settings. Laurie believes that every experience in life is a lesson and an invitation to go inward. She strives to create an environment that encourages growth and self-acceptance, along with physical strength, leading to inner strength that supports us in yoga and in life.

Lorriane Hayden

Yoga Instructor

Lorraine Hayden, 200hr-RYT, has been an avid student of yoga & meditation for more than 15 years and became certified in Vinyasa Yoga by the Always At Aum Yoga school in 2016. Prior to becoming a Yoga teacher, Lorraine was a classroom teacher of elementary, middle school and high school special education.  In working towards her 300-hr. yoga teacher training, Lorraine went on to study Ashtanga-Primary Series, Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga, advanced pranayama, Kids Yoga and Special Needs Yoga. She is also a Reiki Master practitioner. Lorraine’s yoga instruction supports the unlimited potential of all. She encourages her students to become body aware, to establish relationship with their breathe, and to develop a compassionate and joyful attitude towards themselves, and the world around them, supporting social emotional growth for all. 

Jackie Lischak

Yoga Instructor

Jackie is a RYT-200 and lifelong student of yoga. She received her certification in 2019 at Medwell Spa & Yoga Academy after graduating SUNY Purchase College with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Jackie has studied mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology, & physiological psychology. She believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness to help people thrive.
Jackie specializes in gentle, yin, and vinyasa yoga. Jackie’s classes are inclusive to all bodies, ages, and people from all walks of life.

She believes pausing, turning inwards, and breathing is one of the most important aspects of yoga and she promotes healing ourselves in order to heal the world. She hopes to help people connect with their true nature and calm the mind so they can bring more peace, joy, and love into their lives off the mat.

Annie Gallagher

Yoga Instructor

Annie Gallagher, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki II Practitioner, and Meditation Leader. Annie started practicing yoga when her then preteen son had trouble focusing in school and sleeping through the night. She had been a yoga practitioner on and off since college and knew well the peacefulness and clarity that comes from a regular practice. Her son was her shadow and he was happy to be invited to join her for yoga every night before bed. She saw positive changes in him socially and with his schoolwork. He was finally able to quiet his mind and fall asleep nightly. She loved the time they were spending together and was now hooked on yoga.She wanted to learn everything about it. She began taking daily classes at 6am before going to work. After a few months, she allotted time for meditation every day and her horizons expanded even more. She knew she wanted to reach todays’ preteens and teens and quite honestly anyone who was interested, to teach them these amazing tools to help them navigate the waters of life.  In 2018, she received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from the Hot Yoga Spot in Clifton Park, NY.  Through her training, she found that she enjoyed leading guided meditations and that she truly loved to teach yoga! Later that year, she resigned from her job as a paralegal and moved back to Patchogue, Long Island. After a few months, she was able to bring her dream to fruition and opened her own yoga and meditation studio, Ohm on the Water.  Here she was able to offer an array of yoga classes, meditation classes, and workshops.Unfortunately, the studio closed due to Covid-19 after just 2 1/2 years. Annie feels so fortunate to have met, trained, taught and practiced with some of the most amazing souls in Suffolk County.

Annie is very excited to be part of this team of wellness professionals. Annie specializes in working with people who are interested in the benefits of exploring a mind-body practice that improves every aspect of life. Annie’s classes will leave you with greater emotional balance, more awareness of and sense of ease in your body, a deepening clarity of mind, and an empowering connection to your true purpose.

Erica Lynch

Art Teacher

My name is Erica Lynch, and I am a developing artist with a passion for creating, and an interest in the healing nature of art. Artistic expression contributes to strengthening overall wellness, and living a creative and fulfilling life.

I am confident that art can be a sanctuary of self expression for everyone no matter their ability, which has the power to benefit the mind, body, and soul. Anyone can be an artist, and anyone can experience the wonders that art brings to our world. Currently, I am a student at Stony Brook University studying Social Work and Studio Art.

I aspire to become a counselor with a specialization in Art Therapy. It is my goal to form meaningful connections with people, helping them to better their lives, and form their unique artistic voice.

Jillian Martino

Art Therapist

Jillian recently graduated with her masters in art therapy, she strides to use holistic practices and clinical practices in order to create the best possible experience for you. Jillian is also a certified reiki master, certified in past life regression therapy, essential oils and much more. She has studied mindfulness and many other modalities, as well as has worked hand and hand with all ages and populations. She believes the combination of art therapy and mindfulness is the most healing therapy you can receive.
She asks you to take a moment and allow your inner child to take the stage through her art exercises. Get in touch with yourself and allow your creativity to flow freely.

Emily Raber

Yoga instructor

Emily is a freelance photographer and RYT 200 teaching at a private school on Long Island, NY. She began practicing yoga and meditation in late 2005 while going through some anxiety and health issues. Feeling an instant connection with the philosophy of yoga, she implemented a practice into her weekly schedule. Emily began studying Kripalu yoga, focusing on the mind body connection and deepening her spiritual practice.

In 2015 Emily received her 200 hour RYT certification in Jacksonville, FL. Later in the year she attended a Karma yoga training with the Christina Phipps Foundation, gaining a certification to teach patients living with or recovering from breast cancer. In 2019 Emily also gained a certification in Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and is currently working towards her Degree in Physical Therapy.

Emily received her Level 1 Reiki attunement in 2012 and has recently received her Master Level certificate. During class, Emily encourages her students to tune into their individual spiritual energies while connecting the mind and body through movement.

KT Williamson

Art Instructor

KT is a forever student in the art of life. With a jack of all trades approach to art, wellness and spiritual practices KT aims to continue to add to the kit of tools that create a sense of well-being in his own life and those he has the opportunity to work alongside.

Some formats of art KT has experienced include: teaching traditional painting at Michaels stores, hosting therapeutic art workshops at THRIVE Recovery center, and assisting with parent/child classes at the Art League of Long Island. KT is enrolled in the process of becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant at SCCC. Now KT joins the team at Think Wellness NY with a directive to simplify art, emphasizing the raw emotive expression in our programs.

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