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Employee Wellness Program

Our Employee Wellness Services:

Mindful Stretching

Gentle exercise sessions to get your employees active, positive and more productive.

Mindfulness & Guided Meditations

Learn the benefits of mindfulness, how and when to practice it to enhance your day-to-day lives. Guided Meditations for deep relaxation and new focus.

Nutritional Guidance

Individualized sessions to create a program that works for each staff member’s needs.


An  oil massage infused with different herbs for specific conditions to promote immune health and well-being.

Art Sessions

It is time to express yourself  and get that creativity flowing.

Designed to Help you Foster a Healthy Workforce

Contact us today to customize your ideal program of health and wellness for your staff to thrive.

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce...

​An estimated $70 billion a year is lost due to sick calls, lack of productivity, and mental stress as per the National Institute of Mental Health.

What better way to save on healthcare costs, than to invest in your employees physical & mental health?

Great organizations are built from within...

Offering wellness services will make your staff feel appreciated. They will receive tools for stress management, learn to work better as a team, while inspiring themselves to reach personal & professional goals. When your employees choose a healthier lifestyle, you save money AND have a productive team. WIN-WIN.


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